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Conditions of Award
(For Financial Aid Recipients)


By accepting any financial aid award, the student agrees to comply with the following conditions and requirements: 

  • This award is contingent upon the actual receipt of appropriate funds from federal and/or state governments or organizations by Wilkes Community College. All funds awarded are to be used solely for expenses related to your enrollment at Wilkes Community College.
  • The financial aid office reserves the right to review and cancel your financial aid package at any time because of changes in enrollment, academic, or financial status. Students receiving financial aid must notify the financial aid office immediately upon changing their class schedule (to drop or add classes). Recipients of financial assistance who, for any reason, decide to discontinue class attendance must officially withdraw from the class(es) by officially notifying the Registrar and the Financial Aid Office. Discontinuance of class attendance may require a return of unearned portions of aid disbursed to the recipient for the semester in question as determined by the College's Refund/Repayment Policy. All financial aid recipients are expected to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and carry the course load required for the financial assistance listed in this information booklet. Failure to complete classes will result in the cancelation of this award package. All aid disbursement(s) for the next semester or term will be canceled.
  • Recipients of financial assistance are to notify the Financial Aid Office of any other scholarships, loans, or employment extended to them from sources outside the college.
  • No financial aid will be paid for any audited classes. If you audit a class for which you have received financial aid, you may have to repay a prorated amount back to the financial aid office.
  • Federal Student Financial Aid, Scholarships, and all other types of aid are awarded to degree seeking students who enroll during Fall Semester and Spring Semester. There may be limited funding for students who desire to enroll Summer Term. Therefore, if you plan to enroll during Summer Term and will need some type of financial assistance, see us prior to May 1 and we will try to assist you with some type of financial assistance if funding is available.
  • Financial Aid awards will be disbursed each semester as follows: Scholarship awards will be available to students on Registration Day each semester. Scholarship(s) will be available at the Business Office, 2nd floor, Thompson Hall (Wilkesboro campus); Federal Pell Grant payments will be made during Registration each semester. If you are approved for a Federal Pell Grant, please follow the disbursement procedure as outlined on the attached sheet; NCSIG (Incentive Grant) check disbursements will be made on the 12th class day (approximately) each semester; NCCC Grant checks will be disbursed in September and February; Stafford (LOAN) check disbursements will be made and set up on an individual basis; and SEOG (Supplemental Grant) payments will be made at mid-term each semester. PLEASE NOTE: Students approved to receive a Federal Pell Grant and SEOG must complete a "Student Acknowledgement/Confirmation Form" at the beginning of each semester that aid is received. This form verifies student enrollment and informs the recipient of their rights and responsibilities and class attendance policy.
  • If you are approved for employment under the provision of our Federal Work-Study (FWS) program, it must be understood that the amount shown is the amount of money you may expect to earn during the academic year as a result of work performed and the hours necessary to perform such work. This amount cannot be exceeded. FWS students should report to the Financial Aid Office to receive a job assignment during the first week of classes. Payment under this program will be made to student workers on the last work day of each month. FWS students will be paid $6.00 per hour and may be paid $6.25 per hour after their first semester of working. FWS rate of hourly pay may change without notice. FWS employees will be notified of any pay increases during the academic year.
  • Recipients of financial assistance must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing of any change in name, address, academic curriculum, academic status, financial and marital status, home or work telephone, and family financial circumstances that could effect your enrollment.
  • Continuation of financial aid is not automatic. If you plan to be enrolled in college next year, you must re-apply for financial aid. We suggest you apply early! To apply for federal student aid, use "The Free Application for Federal Student Aid". This application will be available on or after January 2 each year. The WCC Scholarship Application may be submitted online or by printed version (New students: November 1 - March 1) & (Returning students: November 1 - May 1).
  • As a recipient of financial aid you must understand that any funds received by you will be used solely for expenses related to attendance at Wilkes Community College. You are responsible for repayment of any funds you have received that cannot reasonably be attributed to meeting educational expenses related to attendance at Wilkes Community College.
  • Federal regulations do not require you to sign the attached award letter. However, by enrolling and accepting financial aid assistance as listed on the attached Award Notification Form you, the student, are certifying that: (1) I do not currently owe a refund or repayment on any of the Federal grants nor am I in default on any of the Federal Loans that I may have received for attendance at any postsecondary educational institution, if attended; & (2) I will read the information outlined on the Student Financial Aid Information Booklet included in this packet of information, and other additional information that may be sent to your current address during the school year.
  • Finally, by enrolling at Wilkes Community College and accepting Federal Student Aid Funds, this action authorizes the Wilkes Community College Business Office to disburse financial aid fund(s), as listed on your award letter, to you, as approved by the Director of Financial Aid. It then becomes your responsibility (you, the student) to attend the classes you register for each semester. Also, it is your responsibility to know when financial aid funds are ready for you to receive. Please review the attached Financial Aid Calendar. 

IMPORTANT: Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in the cancelation of your award package and loss of financial assistance to attend Wilkes Community College.