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 Request Library Instruction

Pardue Library encourages you to schedule library instruction sessions for your classes. To make the most of your visit we recommend the following:   

--Submit your requests at least one week in advance. This will increase your chances of receiving your preferred date/time and it will give the librarian sufficient time to prepare for your visit.

--Schedule your session in conjunction with a research assignment or specific project in mind and submit a copy of the assignment to the librarian. Library instruction is much more effective when it is designed for a specific assignment.

--Attend the library instruction session with your class. 


Reserve the Library Classroom (Room 1201)

Library computer classroom reservations that don't require library instruction are made through the library. Call (336) 838-6114 to request a reservation. The classroom has 26 computers and a faculty computer, projector, and Elmo. The room cannot be reserved more than 5 days in advance. Staff using the room for the first time will be provided an orientation.  


Request New Materials 

Click here to suggest new purchases. Please be as specific as possible with your request.


Faculty Video Guides

Video tutorials on embedding resources in Moodle and more. (Under construction, so content may change.) 


Assignment Calculator 

Help your students plan their projects using the UNCG library "Assignment Calculator." You input the date the assignment was provided, the due date, and the department or program.  It then creates a timeline with due dates for each specific step required to complete an average project in that department (e.g. thesis, research plan, drafts, revisions, etc.).  This kind of program reinforces the process of developing good writing practices and especially allowing time for revision.  


Request Your Library Database Password 

Need to access library databases off campus? You will need to sign in using a special username and password. Email wccparduelibrary@gmail.com to request yours today.