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Human Resources Development

The HRD program is student-centered and focuses on the creation of developmental activities geared towards: 

  • the acquisition of work related family self-sufficiency skills 
  • the establishment of a variety of options for upgrading employment relates skills 
  • the development of outreach 
  • instructional and case management strategies to help students reach their goals 

HRD directs attention away from hardships and looks for opportunities. Participants are taught to focus on healthy perceptions, optimism, creative choices, and positive expectations. 

Some HRD classes currently are: 

  • Employability Success Lab- in two locations 
  • Money Smart 
  • Computer Skills for the Workplace 
  • Career Exploration 
  • Wellness for Career Success 
  • Survival Skills for Women 
  • Survival Skills for Men 
  • Employability Skills 

For more information call Rebecca Greer at (336) 846-3900 ext 3114.