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Testing Requirements:

Prior to enrollment at Wilkes Community College, placement testing is required for the following: 

  1. All degree, diploma, and certificate seeking applicants whose program of study requires an English and/or mathematics course.   
  2. Applicants registering for a course that has an English or Mathematics prerequisite.  


Placement Testing Process:

Step 1:  An admission application must be submitted prior to scheduling the placement test. 

Step 2:  Study and prepare for the placement test.  

Test Preparation Resources:  

NC DAP Preparation 

P4P (Prep for Placement test) 

Wilkes Community College is happy to offer students the P4P Program to support students preparing to take the WCC placement test.  

P4P is held in the Academic Support Center, located in Thompson Hall, third floor.  Students can book appointments to tutor in math and/or reading and English with Academic Support Center mentors. Students can call (336)838-6566 to schedule a P4P appointment.  

Other Resources 


Please Note: Preparing for the placement test may reduce or eliminate the need for multiple levels of developmental coursework, which can save time and money. 

Step 3:  Schedule an appointment to take the placement test. 

Wilkes Campus:  Wendy Nichols (336) 838-6136  

  • Check-in for the placement test in the Student Services Office, Alumni Hall.  
  •  Testing appointments are available on the following dates and times:  
        • Tuesday:  8:30 am and 1 pm   
        • Wednesday:  8:30 am and 1 pm   
        • Thursday:  8:30 am, 1 pm, and 5 pm  

Ashe Campus:  Angela McCrory (336) 846-3900, ext. 3115 or 0 

Alleghany Center:  Sabrienna Edwards (336) 372-5061, ext. 3140 


  • Seating is limited.  Please call at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment.  
  • The math test cannot be taken on the same day that the reading/sentence skills tests are taken. 
  • Allow 2 hours for each test (Math) and (Reading/English). 
  • A student cannot test on the same day that a testing appointment is scheduled. 
  • Placement test scores are recognized for a period of five years. 
  • To take the placement test, students must show picture identification, such as a driver's license. .   


Exemptions from Testing:

A student may be eligible to exempt from placement testing by satisfying any of the following criteria:  

A.  *A recent North Carolina high school graduate (see note below) who has an un-weighted high school GPA of 2.6 or higher and has completed Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II and an approved fourth math course will be exempt from placement testing and will be considered "college ready" for gateway math (MAT 151, 171) and English (ENG 110 or 111) courses. 

Approved high school fourth math courses include:  Advanced Functions and Modeling, Analytical Geometry, Calculus, AP Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Essentials for College Math (SREB - Math Ready), Integrated Mathematics IV, International Baccalaureate Mathematics, Mindset, Pre-Calculus, Probability & Statistics, or Trigonometry. 

Approved community college fourth math courses (taken in Career & College Promise Pathways include:  MAT 143 (Quantitative Literacy), MAT 151 (Statistics I), MAT 152 (Statistical Methods I), MAT 155 (Statistical Analysis), MAT 161 (College Algebra), MAT 162 (College Trigonometry), MAT 165 (Finite Mathematics), MAT 167 (Discrete Mathematics), MAT 171 (Pre-Calculus Algebra), MAT 172 (Pre-Calculus Trigonometry), MAT 175 (Pre-Calculus), MAT 200 or above. 

*Note:  This option is only available to someone who graduated from a high school that is legally authorized to operate in NC and who graduated from that high school within five years of enrollment. 


B.  A student who has the required minimum ACT or SAT scores will be exempt from testing. 


Reading 22 or English 18 
Math 22 
SAT (Pre-March 2016) 
Reading 500 or Writing 500 
Math 500 
SAT (March 2016 and Future) 
Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 480 
Math 530 



Note:  A student is only required to have a minimum in either Reading OR Writing/English in order to be considered college ready in English.  SAT and ACT scores are recognized for five years. 


C.  Students who have completed transferable college-level coursework in English and math with a grade of C or better will be exempt from testing.  Successful completion of developmental coursework at a regionally accredited higher education institution may also qualify a student to exempt from placement testing.  Note:  Students must meet the prerequisites for all courses that will be taken at WCC, which may involve selected placement testing if the previous coursework does not clearly include prerequisite courses.   


D.  Students who have completed an associate degree or bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university will be exempt from placement testing.  Note:  Students must meet the prerequisites for all courses that will be taken at WCC, which may involve selected placement testing if the previous coursework does not clearly include prerequisite  courses. 

Note:  All of the above exemptions do not apply to Dental Assisting, Emergency Medical Science, Nursing, Radiography or Respiratory Therapy applicants.  These applicants should refer to the applicable admission packet for possible exemption options. 


Testing Accommodations:

Applicants requiring special testing accommodations due to a disability must notify the AccessAbility Services Office at (336) 838-6560 and request appropriate accommodations be made ten working days prior to testing. Placement testing accommodations for applicants enrolling only in distance learning activities (telecourses, internet courses, teleconferences and cyber classroom) will be handled on an individual basis. Students enrolling in any distance learning activity should contact the Student Services Office at (336) 838-6136 for further information. 



In order to retake placement testing, you must complete the following steps:  

  1. Obtain a retesting permission form from the Student Services Office.  
  2. Pay the nonrefundable $10.00 fee at the front desk of Student Services located in Alumni Hall if you are paying with cash or check. If you are paying with a debit/credit card you will need to pay in the Business office located in Thompson Hall. 

An appointment to attend the retesting session must be made prior to the testing date. 


  Spring 2017 Retesting Dates  


You must bring the retesting form and a picture ID in order to be admitted into the retesting session. You will not be permitted to test without these two documents. The highest scores will be used for enrollment purposes.  


Additional Information:

For more information concerning the placement testing program, come by the Student Services Office on the first floor of Alumni Hall, call (336) 838-6136 or email the Placement Testing and Admissions Specialist. 

DMA/DRE Course Crosswalk 

Request for Test Scores