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General Admission
Requirements and Procedures


Wilkes Community College operates under an "open door" admission policy. Admission is open to any individual who is a high school graduate or is at least 18 years of age.  Students are admitted regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, age, or political affiliation. Students 16 or 17 years old may be admitted concurrently to courses numbered 100 and above while enrolled in high school. 

High school graduation or equivalency is required for admission to associate degree programs. Admission to a diploma or certificate program also require a high school diploma or its equivalency. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis for those non-high school graduates having the background, ability and maturity to profit from the instruction offered. Applicants who possess certificates of attendance from the public schools will be limited to admission in diploma and certificate programs. Wilkes community College offers free Basic Skills programs to help adults obtain a diploma or high school equivalency certificate. The College accepts applications continuously throughout the school year. Early application is advised for many programs. Admission to some allied health curricula is competitive among qualified applicants according to established criteria. 

While admission is open to all adult citizens, some programs of study require individuals to meet certain standards or to have taken certain courses before being accepted into the program. Applicants who do not meet these standards may be required to enroll in a program to strengthen skills in specific areas or to take additional developmental, remedial, or preparatory courses. Certain sequenced courses must be taken in the order indicated in the college catalog. 


The college reserves the right to limit enrollment in a curriculum to a number that can be accommodated by the resources of the college. 

Persons wishing to enroll in a curriculum program at the college must complete the entire application process and meet the following requirements: 

  •  Submit a completed  application for admission  form.  
  •  Obtain  official transcripts  of high school credits . Records should show that the student is a high school graduate or has a state approved equivalent  education.  
  •  Obtain official GED transcript 
  •  Obtain  official transcript(s)  of all completed college work.  
  •  Unless exempt, participate in the college's placement testing  program.  
  •  A completed physical examination may be required by some programs, but only after the student is admitted.

Currently enrolled students who wish to change programs or need to update personal information should complete the Name/Address and Program Change form. 

For addition information, e-mail an Admissions Representative. 

Special admissions criteria for: 



Updated 04/04/12