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Distance Learning 

Thinking about taking a distance learning course? 

Take the Online Readiness Self-Assessment to determine if online learning is a good fit for you. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more information on distance learning at WCC. 


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Wilkes Community College's distance learning program provides services to both curriculum and continuing education students as well as all citizens in our service area and beyond. Distance learning occurs when the instructor and the students are in physically separate locations. Distance learning can be either synchronous or asynchronous and provides alternate course delivery formats, such as Internet courses, mixed or hybrid courses, or courses presented via the cyber classroom. Distance learning courses are offered to assist students who are time and/or place bound in completing degree requirements that would not be possible with traditional classroom instruction. Some distance learning courses may require students to take tests on campus or at a proctored site.   

Click here to learn about our learning management system and college email.    

The typical restrictions on time and space associated with traditional online courses are largely eliminated. Instruction can be delivered from the instructor's desktop to yours, so your classroom is anywhere you have access to a computer with a high speed Internet connection and the appropriate software. This means you can learn when it is most convenient for you while in the comfort of your home, office, or even listen to lectures while driving in your car. Some courses may require on-site testing or proctored testing, so please check with the instructor to arrange testing if you are unable to physically travel to one of the campuses located in Wilkes, Ashe, or Alleghany Counties.  

The division of Instructional Services coordinates activities with Student Services to insure that distance learning students have access to support services. For more information on services provided please refer to the section in the catalog entitled Student Services.  

 Internet Courses (I)  

Online/Internet courses have 100% of the course content and assessment through online instruction. Internet courses are accessed through MoodleTM ( a learning management system). Students can access the link to Moodle through the WCC Prowler on the Wilkes Community College homepage or at https://moodle.wilkescc.edu . This allows students to access Internet courses at home, networked computers located on campus, or anywhere with a high speed internet connection at https://moodle.wilkescc.edu. Internet courses cover the same material and have the same credit hours as conventional courses; however, these courses allow students to access the information at a time and place convenient to them. 

Students may interact with the faculty members teaching Internet courses through email, phone, or by visiting the faculty member on campus.   

WCC Distance Learning Course Types: 

Internet (I) 

Classes where 100% of instruction is delivered through the Internet.

Hybrid (H) 

Classes where face-to-face instruction is equal or less than 50% of the class with a requirement that students also meet in traditional face-to-face sessions as determined appropriate by the college.   

Cyber Courses* (C) 

Classes where 100% of instruction is delivered by two-or-more way video.

Web Supported/Web Assisted (WB) 

Classes where face-to-face instruction is greater than 50% of the class with a requirement that students have Internet access as a supplemental part of the course.   

*Interactive computer equipped classrooms are used to transmit and receive a variety of credit, non-credit, and customized courses. Groups of students from several locations share one instructor, which makes courses available that otherwise could not be offered. In addition to curriculum and continuing education courses, staff development and specialized training activities are delivered using this technology. 


To locate other distance learning courses available through the North Carolina Community Colleges visit the North Carolina Virtual Learning Community. 

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