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Adult High School Diploma 

The Adult High School Diploma Program is offered to adults aged 18 or older. Minors, aged 16 or 17, must contact the program director to inquiry about eligibility. Programs of study are of sufficient duration and intensity to enable adults to develop the skills necessary to obtain the diploma. Instruction is offered in a classroom setting, through supervised, individual, programmed learning. Credit is given for all work completed in the public school system as shown on the high school transcript. Students must complete the traditional high school requirements as follows: 

English  - 
4 units 
Social Studies  - 
4 units 
Mathematics  - 
4 units 
Science  - 
3 units 
Health  - 
1 units 
Electives  - 
6 units 
Total  - 
22 units 

Graduates of this program are awarded diplomas jointly by the Board of Education of the county of residence and Wilkes Community College. 

For additional information about the requirements and registering for the Adult High School Diploma program, please call 336-903-3230. 

Adult High School Coordinator: Janet Derick 336-903-3235  janet.derick@wilkescc.edu