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How to Enroll in College Credit Programs

Listed below are the steps that must be completed for enrollment into a degree (AA, AS, AAS), diploma or certificate program:

  1. Apply: Submit a completed Wilkes Community College application for admission to the Admissions Office in Student Services.Application

  2. High School or GED transcript: Submit an official copy of your high school transcript or an official GED transcript or an official Adult High School transcript to the Admissions Office in Student Services. Exceptions: Concurrent enrollment, non-degree seeking students, and applicants who have earned an A.A., A.S., A.A.S. or baccalaureate degree are not required to submit a high school transcript. Students applying for Associate Degree Nursing, Dental Assisting, Emergency Medical Science, Radiography or Respiratory Therapy should request high school transcripts be mailed as soon as possible after submitting an application.
    Note: The high school transcript must show your graduation date and course of study. If your name has changed since you attended high school, please ask your high school to put both your current and former names on the transcript.
    Note: Anyone who graduated from a home school must also submit a copy of their home school's Notice of Intent (home school licensure).Transcript request form

  3. College transcripts (if applicable): Submit official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended if you intend to earn transferable credits or to prove that course prerequisites have been fulfilled. Note: Students applying for Associate Degree Nursing, Dental Assisting, Emergency Medical Science, Radiography or Respiratory Therapy must submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.Transcript request form

  4. Placement testing: Unless exempt, complete placement testing requirements. Go to www.wilkescc.edu/placementtesting, for more information.
  5. New Student Orientation: Attend a New Student Orientation and Registration Session. Entering students, including first time degree seeking students, students transferring from another institution, and previous concurrently enrolled students, will be scheduled for an orientation/registration appointment after completing the placement test. Students exempting the placement test must call Student Services at (336-838-6137) to schedule an appointment for orientation. Appointments will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis and there is a limited number of seats available for each orientation/registration session. Students are encouraged to complete the placement test as early as possible so they can schedule an appointment. New students are required to attend an orientation session before they will be allowed to register for classes. New students should anticipate being on campus for a minimum of 3 hours for an orientation/ registration appointment. Orientation/Registration and placement testing cannot be completed on the same day.

Admission Notes:

1. Ashe County Campus and Alleghany County Center: Students planning to take the majority of their classes at the Ashe Campus or Alleghany Center may choose to complete the enrollment process (placement testing, orientation, and registration) at one of these sites.

a. Orientation & Registration at Ashe and Alleghany: After completing the placement test, personnel at the Ashe Campus and Alleghany Center will provide students with information about scheduling an orientation and registration appointment.

b. Additional Information: For additional information about the Ashe Campus or Alleghany Center, students should contact one of the following people:

Ashe Campus (336-846-3900):
Kendra Perkins (ext. 3116), Chris Robinson (ext. 3111)

Alleghany Center (336-372-5061):
Sabrienna Edwards (ext. 3140), Jayne Phipps-Boger (ext. 3141)

2. Students can apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA online at www.fafsa.gov and may receive assistance with completing the FAFSA application by contacting 1-800-4-FED-AID or 1-800-433-3243. Students who would like to receive FAFSA application assistance from a WCC financial aid representative will need to attend a FAFSA Information Session. Be sure to include WCC's school code (002983) to ensure the FAFSA is sent to the college. Go to www.wilkescc.edu/financialaid for additional information.

3. New students are issued a Gmail and WebAdvisor Account after submitting an admission application. It is important that new students begin checking each of these accounts regularly (even before beginning classes). The college will use the WCC Gmail account to communicate information such as financial aid award letters, messages from instructors, and tuition payment announcements. The WebAdvisor account will be used to register for classes, review tuition bills, and financial aid award information. Students can access login instructions by going to www.wilkescc.edu/WCCProwler and clicking on the "instructions and account login information" link at the bottom of the page.

4. Non Degree Seeking students: Non degree seeking students are not eligible to receive financial aid and are not required to submit a high school transcript, but should submit college transcripts if needed for verification of prerequisite coursework. Non degree seeking students will be required to take the placement test for any courses that have reading, writing or math prerequisites, unless they are eligible for exemption from the tests. Non degree seeking students are not required to participate in New Student Orientation and will be allowed to participate in online registration during the periods designated for "currently admitted student" registration.

Currently enrolled students who wish to change programs or need to update personal information should complete the Name/Address and Program Change form.

Additional Admissions Information
For more information, email an admissions representative ( email: