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What are my Enrollment Options at WCC?


Wilkes Community College has alot of programs available to assist you with reaching your educational and career goals.  To help you find the right program, our offerings have been organized below into 3 categories: 


College Credit 

College Transfer:  These university parallel programs Associate in Arts/AA or Associate in Science/AS) provide the first two years of academic work on a four-year baccalaureate degree.   


Degree Programs:  These programs allow you to earn a degree (Associate in Applied Science/AAS), diploma or certificate in a particular field. 


College Opportunities for High School Students:  The NC Career and College Promise program provides lots of opportnities for high school students to get an early start on their college education. 


Special Credit/Non Degree Seeking:  This status indicates that a student is only intending to take a few classes from a college transfer program or other degree program at WCC and is not planning to complete a degree, diploma  or certificate with the college.  Note:  Non degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid and enrollment procedures vary slightly from students who are planning to pursue a degree, diploma or certificate. 


Continuing Education 

These programs allow you to take non-degree classes for job and career enhancement or personal enrichment.  Note:  These programs are not eligible for federal financial aid. 


 GED, Adult High School, ESL 

 The College Readiness Division offerings include Adult Secondary Education, High School Equivalency, Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language and Family Literacy. For more information regarding these offerings, please visit the following link http://www.wilkescc.edu/default2.aspx?id=1754.