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General Education Program

What is The WCC General Education Program? 

The purposes of Wilkes Community College's general education program are to provide our graduates with the communication, analytical, and learning skills they need to pursue their academic and professional goals, and to promote an educated citizenry.  

College Transfer AA-ASThe Associate in General Education curriculum is designed for the academic enrichment of students who wish to broaden their education, with emphasis on personal interest, growth and development.

Course work includes study in the areas of humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and English composition. Opportunities for the achievement of competence in reading, writing, oral communication, fundamental mathematical skills, and the basic use of computers will be provided.

Through these skills, students will have a sound base for lifelong learning. Graduates are prepared for advancements within their fields of interest and become better qualified for a wide range of employment opportunities.

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Associate In General Education

All students awarded the Associate in General Education Degree by Wilkes Community College must earn a minimum of 65 semester hours of credit (shc) with an average of "C" or better. All course selections in the AGE must be approved for credit on an associate degree program.


Student Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of the WCC General Education Program will:

  • Written Communication  - WCC graduates will achieve college-level competence in written communication by demonstrating mastery in using word processing skills, mechanical accuracy, supporting details, and research and documentation skills, resulting in a clear and organized focus and clarity of purpose.
  • Oral Communication  - WCC graduates will achieve college-level competence in oral communication by demonstrating mastery of the these public speaking skills: planning a clear and coherent presentation appropriate to the audience; composing and organizing content, using effective transitional devices; and speaking with effective delivery techniques.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences  - WCC graduates will demonstrate insight into their lives and the world in which they live, an awareness of diverse cultures and viewpoints, and an understanding of the potential to use what they have learned to be a responsible citizen in their communities and beyond.
  • Math  - WCC graduates will be able to communicate in quantitative terms and analyze and interpret quantitative data specific to their disciplines. 
  • Computer Skills - WCC graduates will acquire technology skills enabling them to achieve a variety of academic, work-related, and personal goals.


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Contact Information:

Blair Hancock
  Blair Hancock
Dean, Arts & Sciences
(336) 838-6230